How did the club AS Nancy Lorraine?

After watching your favorite generation ASNL game, why don’t you indulge in a pokies game at PartyPokies Australia? You can take your winning streak a little further. The origins of the club thistle date exactly a century . Must begin in 1910 , when the club was founded by U.S. Border Maurice of Vienna. This […]

ASNL The point of the game: AJ Auxerre

For this 5th day of L1 ASNL AJ Auxerre.Ce match will broadcast on foot + starts at 20h. Mr. Piccirillo whistle has refereed two games in Ligue 1 this year and 16 last year. Its average yellow cards per game has turned 3.2. On two games this year he has distributed 2 0 red and […]

Marcel Picot Stadium

After you’re done catching up on all of the ASNL action here, why not click on over to and play some great casino games? Renamed in 1963 Marcel Picot Stadium, the stadium was created in 1926 under the name of Sports Park Bridge Essey. Originally without lights, it was equipped for meetings in the […]

And Nancy in the story?

The ASNL had the idea of ​​an expansion stage for some time. French bid for Euro adds spice to the project Nancy. The desired capacity of 30,000 seats is increased to 35 000 in order to be a candidate. Collaboration with the city of Nancy is going pretty well, since the Community Urban allow the […]

ASNL-generation recruits …

ASNL-generation needs you! We recruit for the site, a webmaster and co editors. Profile for co webmaster, we want someone motivated with ideas améliorationet with some knowledge in dommaine if possbile to participate in the management of the site. If you are passionate ASNL you feel a talent for writing, you want to share your […]

Stages to renovate and / or expand:

Saint-Denis Stade de France, current capacity 81,338 (Stadium UEFA 5-star) Marseilles: Stade Velodrome, current capacity 60,013 (capacity increased to at least 65,000, Stadium UEFA 5-star after magnification) Paris: Parc des Princes, current capacity 48,713 (capacity increased to 51,000) (Stage 5 stars UEFA) Lens: Stade Felix-Bollaert, current capacity 41,809 (capacity increased to 45 000) Saint-Etienne Stade […]

Picot little too small and modern

You don’t need to go crazy looking for somewhere to place a bet. Instead, check out some of the best websites for web pokies and place them there. We know for some time, repairs should take place within the confines of Tomblaine. Billboards, limitation laughable, should be replaced early next year (? February?). In a […]

Thurs Area Foot Nancy

For this first part of the game FOOT SPACE our partner offered you a t-shirt Baliston ASNL the size of your choice. To win you 4 questions were asked.Here are the answers and the name of the winner.Next game in a few days. was the leading scorer currently: answer: In a first time Kim Hadji […]

ASNL The Ligue1 is red and white

If your favorite team ASNL just won and you are feeling lucky, you can stretch the winning streak by playing a casino game at For their third game of the season at Stade Marcel Picot, ASNL has made ​​short work of AJ Auxerre. Replacing his return to Lorraine, Olivier Sorin yet attended a good […]

New stadium to be built

Lyon OL Land, planned capacity 58,328 (Stadium UEFA 5-star) Lille Stade Borne de l’Espoir, planned capacity 50,186 (Stadium UEFA 5-star) Bordeaux: New stadium to replace the Stade Chaban- Delmas, planned capacity 42,000 Nice: New stadium to replace the Stade du Ray, planned capacity 33,470. When you play at, you can make enough to pay […]